TAFA Model 9910i

TAFA Model 9910i

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The TAFA Model 9910i CoArc™ twin-wire arc spray system is the next generation of the renowned TAFA arc spray product line. With closed-loop control of the spray process, the system precisely monitors and automatically adjusts the power supply voltage, spray air pressure at the gun head and wire feed rate to match preset values. It’s powerful and customizable to help you increase uptime, create more reproducible coatings and improve coating quality.

Model 9910i features:

  • Air plumbing for minimal pressure drop
  • Closed-loop controlled at console air pressure, voltage and amperage for precision control
  • Recipe storage
  • Sophisticated PLC-based control system
  • TAFAGlide Wire Delivery System
  • Touchscreen operator interface panel

Optional enhancements include closed-loop at gun head process control, wire feed counter, data acquisition capability and major components that can be unbundled to provide greater flexibility in space-limited applications.

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