1800 glasses sand balsting machine technical proposal(เครื่องพ่นกระจก)

1800 glasses sand balsting machine technical proposal(เครื่องพ่นกระจก)

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Dimensions (L * W * H) (M) 6* 2.5 * 2
Processing glass thickness (MM) 3~30
The power demand AC380/50Hz
Machine net weight 2 tons
Machine capacity 1.5tons
Device boot mode Electric start
Machining area size (MM) The length is unlimited, the width is 80 ~ 1800
Air compressor equipment Don’t need
Dust removal fan 4-68
Dust air volume 4200
Abrasive particle size 24 ~ 46
Abrasive dosage 0.5 tons
Frosted glass production 600~1000m³
Sweep the sand way Automatic brush sweeping system is adopted
Control system Adopt PLC electrical control system
The total power ≥13KW
Main drive motor 5.5KW
Dust exhausting fan 3KW
On the ground dragon motor 1.1KW
Under ground dragon motor 2.2KW
Sweep the sand motor 0.75KW
The sand motor 1.5KW
The drive motor 0.55 KW (external three-crystal converter)

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